Franklin Heights p. 31-42 drill

Franklin Heights 31-42 coordinate sheets

Pregame Block PDF

Marching Band Show Music 2014!

Fascinatin’ Rhythm by George Gershwin AUDIO FILE

[Fascinatin Rhythm - 001 Flute]

[Fascinatin Rhythm - 002 Clarinet in Bb]

[Fascinatin Rhythm - 003 Alto Saxophone]

[Fascinatin Rhythm - 004 Tenor Saxophone]

[Fascinatin Rhythm - 005 Trumpet in Bb 1]

[Fascinatin Rhythm - 006 Trumpet in Bb 2,3]

[Fascinatin Rhythm - 007 Horn in F]

[Fascinatin Rhythm - 008 Trombone]

[Fascinatin Rhythm – 009 Baritone treble clef

[Fascinatin Rhythm – 009 Baritone bass clef

[Fascinatin Rhythm - 010 Tuba]

Fascinatin Rhythm Marimba 1

Fascinatin Rhythm Marimba 2

Fascinatin Rhythm Vibe 1

Fascinatin Rhythm Vibe 2

Fascinatin Rhythm Timp

Fascinatin Rhythm Snare

Fascinatin Rhythm Quad

Fascinatin Rhythm Bass

Fascinatin Rhythm Perc 1

Fascinatin Rhythm Perc 2

Fascinatin Rhythm Perc 3

Fascinatin Rhythm Perc 4

Artistry in Rhythm by Stan Kenton AUDIO FILE

[Artistry in Rhythm - 001 Flute]

[Artistry in Rhythm - 002 Clarinet in Bb]

[Artistry in Rhythm - 003 Alto Saxophone]

[Artistry in Rhythm - 004 Tenor Saxophone]

[Artistry in Rhythm - 005 Trumpet in Bb 1]

[Artistry in Rhythm - 006 Trumpet in Bb 2-3]

[Artistry in Rhythm - 007 Horn in F]

[Artistry in Rhythm - 008 Trombone]

[Artistry in Rhythm - 009 Baritone treble clef]

[Artistry in Rhythm - 009 Baritone bass clef]

[Artistry in Rhythm - 010 Tuba]

ANR Timpani

ANR Snare

ANR Quads

ANR Bass

ANR Marimba 1

ANR Marimba 3

ANR Bass Marimba

ANR Vibe 1

ANR Vibe 2

I Got Rhythm by George Gershwin AUDIO FILE

[I Got Rhythm - 001 Flute]

[I Got Rhythm - 002 Clarinet in Bb]

[I Got Rhythm - 003 Alto Saxophone]

[I Got Rhythm - 004 Tenor Saxophone]

[I Got Rhythm - 005 Trumpet in Bb 1]

[I Got Rhythm - 006 Trumpet in Bb 2]

[I Got Rhythm - 007 Horn in F]

[I Got Rhythm - 008 Trombone]

[I Got Rhythm - 009 Baritone treble clef]

[I Got Rhythm - 009 Baritone]

[I Got Rhythm - 010 Tuba]

Rhythm Is Gonna Get You by Gloria Estefan AUDIO FILE


RIGGY Marimba 1

RIGGY Marimba 2

RIGGY Perc 1

RIGGY Perc 2

RIGGY Perc 3 RIGGY Quads

RIGGY Snare RIGGY Timpani

RIGGY Vibe 1 RIGGY Vibe 2


UPDATE! Our project was fully funded and we now have a brand new Yamaha Vibraphone. Thank you to everyone who donated!

We currently have a funding project on It expires on January 5th, but for a limited time we have a “Double Your Impact” donor that cut the amount we need to raise in half.

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The FHHS Marching Band and Orchestra traveled to Florida on March 25-March 29. The band marched in the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Electrical Parade and the orchestra performed at the pavilion at Downtown Disney.

The Franklin Heights Symphonic Band performed at the Capital University Reading Clinic on Friday, November 16th. 

 On Oct. 27th, the FHHS Marching Band received a “Superior” rating at State Finals. They have received a superior 15 times since 1991 including the past eight seasons competing.

On October 4th, FHHS Band students helped to celebrate the grand opening of the new McDonald’s on West Broad Street.

On Friday, April 27th, the Symphonic Band received a “Superior” rating at State Large Group Competition for the first time in school history.  This is an incredible accomplishment.  We especially congratulate the seniors who are the first class to ever gain two State “Superiors” - Marching and Concert

VIDEO! FHHS at the 2010 SWCS Marching Band Showcase, Oct 21.


Mark Fox, Director

Mark Sturm, Assistant Director

Rick Brown, Percussion Instructor

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